The band from Munguía (Vizcaya) was born in 2011, inspired by the 80s new wave, making versions and playing in small venues. Soon, they evolved to more contemporary sounds combining post-punk with electronic touches. Their sound ranges from the irreverence of Joy Division or The Clash, to the perfection of the Pixies, through the elegance of Sonic Youth or Nirvana. “Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence” is the title of their new work, which will be edited by Belako Records and El Segell del Primavera internationally in collaboration with PIAS.


Going to a live performance of El Lobo en tu Puerta (The wolf at you door) is like confronting a sonic pack in which it is difficult to leave unharmed. The yelling of this power trio not only moves you to a state of collective catharsis, also their hard-rock tantrums and their rhythm of rap bites return us to our most primitive nature, not lacking a twisted sense got humor – their looks remind some kind of Spanish rednecks!. As well defined by the title of his latest album, “Beasts of the wild south”, in which this people roll around the legacy of Chess Records and ride it in the light of the moon with Royal Trux.