Touched by that halo that artist are born, Carmen Boza reveals pristine naturalness on and off the stage, so it is no wonder about his legion of followers. It is also not strange that to build “The black box”, her new album after the successful “The mansion of mirrors”, has entrusted its production in another magnet of crowds that has made the best of his proximity, Juanito Makandé. Her most personal work to date and once again under absolute independence, an album for which she has fought, in her own words, “like a wolf.” Let’s cheer for her.


A visionary alter ego of the always unclassifiable Javier Vielba, frontman of Arizona Baby and Corizonas. El Meister undertakes in “Fantasmagoría”, his new work, his most personal adventure to date, which is much to say. An amazing conceptual EP, once again under the heading of Subterfuge Records, in which this Valladolid born gentleman dig into his musical philias, like that electronic folk reminiscent of the beginnings of Beck, and two of his most stirring passions: German expressionism and English romanticism. The fact that a Spanish musician cites such influences without a shadow of shame already says a lot and well of his personality.