A decade has passed -who would say it- since her debut, a portentous “Working to Speak” that put this education philosopher and musician by nature in the increasingly crowded map of female voices of the Spanish indie. If her two later musical works were revealing the multiple layers of an artist in continuous evolution, it was her recent “The Sun Rises In The Sky And I Wake Up” that has worked as a total metamorphosis for her. Because Marina set herself up with this exquisite catalog of dreampop varnished by electronics as another artist without ever losing her own essence.


“Like Mad Max plotting speed for gas in the back of a nightclub.” Emilio R. Cascajosa – afflicted musical chronicler and belligerent cultural manager – defined this new enfant terrible of the Spanish electronics in this way. To Bronquio it is easy to fit futuristic aesthetics, to find him punk alibi and to thank him for his vertiginous rhythm. You just have to listen to “Galgo”, that synth-punk pillbox born half-heartedly with Pablo Peña (Pony Bravo, Fiera), to certify that this is an excellent example a free and wild rider.