“Un hombre rubio” (“A Blond Man”) is the singer and composer’s last work, an album that emerged almost by chance, as a result of seeking inspiration for a request by Rocío Márquez for her “Firmamento” record: Christina let herself dive in her father’s vinyl collection and she ended up wearing his shoes, reworking her music from an fake masculine perspective, on the other hand, more radically feminine. Well, as Rosenvinge herself confessed, “being a man is wearing a corset that tightens as much as women’s.” And because there is no better way to put yourself in the skin of the other to know oneself.


The extraordinary frontman of the no less formidable band The Milkyway Express has surprised everyone, earlier this year, with an unexpected solo debut, Riverboy. And it fits him like a glove, because it reminds to those southern touches, so rooted in American folk, that represent the germ of this new project. “A Riddle In A Pocket” and “Damned”, the songs that we´ve delighted by far, would be a perfect soundtrack for a remake of “The Adventures of Jeremiah Johnson”: music from and for trappers (not in the urban sense). Of course, changing the mountains of Colorado for the sunny California, because Riverboy also has space, and much, for a radiant and seductive 60s psychedelia, kind of like Byrds but imperiously contemporary.